Fertile Human Mind, Fertile Earth

REGISTERED REP – JULY, 2007 Is the Earth being depleted of natural resources? Nope, says economist, entrepreneur and author Paul Zane Pilzer. That’s because there is...

CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS? – The Economist

The Economist reviews Pilzer's Other People's Money

Master Of the Deal

SUCCESS MAGAZINE – JUNE 1997 January 19, 1996.  A perfect ski day in Utah.  Paul Zane Pilzer was on a lift, just reaching the...

Financial Enterprise – The Magazine Of GE Capital

Texas real estate has swallowed up many a smart businessmen, but not Alan May or Paul Zane Pilzer.

The New York Review of Books by John Kenneth Galbraith

Not before in our history have so many strong influences united to produce so large a disaster as in the current case of the...

Young and Rich

The nice Brooklyn boy, son of European immigrants, was determined to make good. “If you saw Yentl, you saw the type of town...

The Risks Were Too Good To Pass Up – New York Times Book Review

The former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reviews Pilzer's Other People's Money for the Sunday New York Times Book Review.

Guide To Flying On Other People’s Money

Junior Executives Flying First Class are the Best Leads on Companies Ripe for a Takeover and Restructuring

The Sharing Revolution

Networking Times interviewed Paul about his book God Wants You to Be Rich (1995) in the summer of 2003 for an issue on Spiritual...

Thinking About Retiring Early? Get Health Insurance First – Forbes Magazine

So instead of tapping the Account for a $500 doctor bill today, pay the bill out of other funds and let the...