Zane Publishing (1989 – 1999)

In 1975, at the University of Pennsylvania, then-graduate student Paul Zane Pilzer built an interactive teaching machine on a mainframe computer. He wrote  on the cover of his thesis that “one day this technology would be used to affordably bring the best teacher of every subject to every student.” In 1989, Professor Pilzer decided it was time to bring his 14-year-old dream to reality–he started Zane Publishing, Inc.

Zane Publishing quickly became one of the world’s largest CD-ROM publishers, creating hundreds of state-of-the-art interactive titles for the world’s best educational publishers such as Prentice-Hall, Merriam Webster, and World Book. More than 100 million copies were sold and the company became publicly listed in 1996. These CD-ROMs are still in use today by thousands of schools and hundreds of thousands of households.

Professor Pilzer is extremely grateful to the hundreds of employees and associates who helped create Zane Publishing and pioneer the world of affordable interactive education.

In response to requests from Zane Publishing customers and associates,click here to view 10 selected pages from one of Zane Publishing’s (1996) Home Use Catalogs (2.3 MB PDF file), or click here view/download the entire 104-page catalog (25 MB PDF file). A lower-resolution version (9 MB PDF file) is also available.

Professor Pilzer no longer has a relationship with Zane Publishing.


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