General Bio

Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer is an economist, social entrepreneur, professor, public servant, and the New York Times bestselling author of ten books and dozens of scholarly publications.

Pilzer completed Lehigh University in three years and received his MBA from Wharton Business School in 15 months at age 22. He became Citibank’s youngest officer at age 22 and its youngest vice president at age 25. He was appointed a professor at New York University at age 24 where he taught for 21 years and was five times voted “best teacher.” He has started, and/or taken public, six companies in healthcare and K-12 education.

In healthcare, he is the Founder of Extend Health (1999) and Zane Benefits (2006), suppliers of personalized health benefits to U.S. employees in every state. Extend Health was acquired by Towers Watson in 2012 for $435 million.

In education, he is the Founder of Zane Publishing (1989), The American Academy (2005), and Zane Prep (2011), three leading companies using technology to improve K-12 education worldwide.

In public service, he was an appointed economic advisor in two U.S. presidential administrations (1983-1989) and today advises CEOs and government officials worldwide. Pilzer’s book on government financial crisis, Other People’s Money (Simon & Schuster), was critically acclaimed by The New York Times and The Economist magazine.

Pilzer’s Unlimited Wealth (Crown) explains how we live in a world of unlimited physical resources because of rapidly advancing technology. After reading Unlimited Wealth, the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, said that he was “amazed at Pilzer’s business capacity” and his “ability to put it into layman’s terms.”

Pilzer’s God Wants You to be Rich: The Theology of Economics (Simon & Schuster) explains how the foundation of our economic system is based on our Judeo-Christian heritage. This New York Times business best-seller has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on television shows worldwide.

Pilzer’s The New Wellness Revolution (Wiley) identifies the newly emerging wellness industry. For this book Pilzer received an Honorary Doctorate in Public Service and was called a “wellness guru” by The New York Times.

Pilzer’s The Next Millionaires (Momentum Media) explains why the number of millionaires doubles each decade and how ordinary people can become one of them.

Pilzer’s The New Health Insurance Solution (Wiley) is a primary resource worldwide for government policymakers seeking to make employer-sponsored health benefits portable and more affordable.

A former commentator on National Public Radio and CNN, Pilzer has been profiled on the front page of The Wall St. Journal and on the cover of more than 100 magazines. He speaks live each year to approximately 200,000 people and more than 20 million copies of his speeches have been sold. He lives in Utah with his “best asset,” his wife Lisa and their four children, where they are all avid snowboarders, mountain bikers, and chess players.