PBS Television, November 24, 2006 Paul Zane Pilzer Interview on WealthTrack

Entire Segment (7:54)
Paul Zane Pilzer speaks on HRAs, Individual Health Policies, and Defined Contribution Health Benefits.

1. Introduction (1:35)
Half of personal bankruptcy filings are due to medical expenses, mostly by people who had employer health insurance. Employer health benefits costs now exceed profits for most companies.

2. Paul Zane Pilzer (0:29)
Introduction of Paul Zane Pilzer and The New Health Insurance Solution.

3. Individual Health Insurance (1:47)
Everyone should get health insurance independent of their employer. Get your spouse and dependents their own policy even if you stay on your employer plan.

4. Health Reimbursement Arrangements (1:21)
HRAs provide the simple solution for all employers and employees.

5. Health Savings Accounts (1:03)
Every American should have a Health Savings Account—it’s like an IRA or 401(k) on steroids.

6. Defined Contribution Health Plans (1:13)
Employers can now help you get your own individual health insurance policy.

7. Summary and Final Recommendation (0:31)
Everyone should have an individual or family health insurance policy independent of any employer for themselves, their spouse, and their dependents.

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