University of Pennsylvania Keynote Address, May 11, 2016 – Where’s the Uber of Education Technology?

Paul Zane Pilzer will answer the question: “Where’s the Uber of Education Technology” and share his own experience as the Founder and Chairman of Zaniac Learning which provides STEM Programs and Camps to K-8 students nationwide. Pilzer’s entrepreneurial journey began at Penn in 1975 in the basement of Vance Hall where he built an interactive teaching machine on a mainframe computer, writing on the cover of his thesis; “One day this technology will be used to affordably bring the best teacher of every subject to every student.” – Paul Zane Pilzer Founder and Chairman of Zaniac Learning

To read the original Penn GSE NEWSROOM Article, May 6, 2016, Click Here.

Entire Speech (51:21)
Welcome of Professor Pilzer by Dean Kurshan (02:15)
Introduction – Where’s my Translator? (02:16)
Uber is a Game Changer (01:08)
My first Penn Experience – ENIAC in 1944 (01:18)
My next Penn Experience – DEC20 in 1975 (01:48)
The Promise – Affordable Education from Technology (02:06)
Reveling in Rejection (03:17)
Rejecting the Economics of Scarcity W=PT (03:08)
Economy today is like ten men on an island (03:05)
Business Opportunity exists when you are an unhappy customer (03:29)
My children’s education becomes most important (01:38)
How we started Zane Math K-8 (02:12)
How we started Zaniac K-8 STEM Programs & Camps (02:10)
Video Introduction to Zane Math (01:59)
Zaniac fails with Zane Math via direct distribution & after-school (01:07)
Zaniac succeeds copying Planet Fitness retail concept (01:38)
25,000 campus market for Zaniac Learning stores (01:47)
The Sharing Economy – Halving the price of what you buy (02:12)
The Sharing Revolution – Doubling the value of what you bought (01:14)
Big Data’s Promise and Potential for Education (01:56)
We need education with an audit trail (01:25)
Question: What about privacy issues with Big Data in schools (01:31)
Question: What about Gamification for Zaniac Curriculum (01:16)
Question: How does Zaniac train the high school student instructor (01:36)
Question: Why are the benefits of Big Data not evident in education (02:04)

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