Finding God in Your Work or Business

As an macro-economist, I see a true and loving God at work every day. Who else could have created a world where people become wealthy by serving others. The better you are at serving your customers and making them happy, the more customers you get and the richer you become.

But on a personal level, how do you find the job or business that God wants you to do? It’s easier then you think.

The one common trait I see among the mega-successful among us, is that they see God, or some connection with a higher deity, in their work or profession. They reach a level of expertise, as a musician, a trader, a chef, a doctor, a builder, a teacher–or whatever they do–that they can no longer explain in words. They simply pick up the paintbrush and their vision flows onto the canvas.

For me, my enthusiasm for this subject cannot be captured by printed text. That’s why I’m asking you to listen to this complete chapter (5 minutes) from The Entrepreneurial Challenge called “Finding God in the work you do.”

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