Summer and Part-time Employment for College Students

Do you know a college student interested in making a difference as well as making a profit?  This month Zane Prep is launching Zane Math U, a program that turns full-time college students into inspirational K-8 math teachers.

Zane Math, with its automatic curriculum customization, can be effectively implemented anywhere by anyone with a passion for teaching math to K-8 students. Teaching Zane Math, college students can make $60-$75/hour during the summer and continue part-time when back in school.

The curriculum and teaching methodology of Zane Math U is based on Zane Math, which has been used by thousands of K-8 students in public schools and retail locations like Zane Prep. Because Zane Math U is a new program, Zane Prep is giving the first 1,000 college students who sign up the opportunity to open their own Zane Math U campus with a 100%  waiver of start-up expenses — a $1,000+ value.

Parents of K-8 students benefit from Zane Math’s customized curriculum, unparalleled progress tracking, and high levels of student learning. College students benefit from the chance to practice entrepreneurship, impact the lives of K-8 students, and earn real money while still in college. And most importantly, K-8 students will benefit from learning math at their own pace in a fun, rewarding environment.

Check out my personal blog post on why I created Zane Math, and visit ZaneMathU.com to learn how college students can join Zane Math U Coordinators Alex Oriente, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2015, and Brett Davidson, Yale University, Class of 2016, to make a difference in education.

Follow ZaneMathU on Twitter @ZaneMathU and like ZaneMathu on Facebook. For more information, or if you have any questions or ideas for the program, call Brett and Alex at (435) 277-0556 or e-mail them at contact@zanemathu.com.


Professor Paul Zane Pilzer

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