A Tale of Two Industries

Two major forces have converged to create one of the greatest entrepreneurial opportunities in the history of our nation.

What If You Lose Health Your Health Insurance?

Surprise! You can find affordable health insurance on your own.

How To Be One Of The Next Millionaires

The emerging industries of wellness and direct selling are combining to create the next generation of weatlh.

Paul Zane Pilzer Checks the Pulse of Healthcare Insurance

We have fundamentally changed the rules to the extent that your employer is the last person you should want to provide for your...

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I became an economist to find answers to the questions that people wanted answered. When my family got together over dinner, we didn't talk...

Health Insurance: Better, Cheaper, Safer

Pat Robertson, founder of the 700 Club, interviews Paul Zane Pilzer to discuss “Health Insurance: Better, Cheaper, Safer” for the Christian Broadcasting Network, December...

Soundview Executive Book Summaries

SOUNDVIEW EXECUTIVE BOOK SUMMARIES – DECEMBER – 2005 Why We Like This Book: “The New Health Insurance Solution explains in layman’s terms how readers...

The Perfect Storm of Opportunity

The emerging industries of wellness and network marketing are combining to create today's-and tomorrow's-new wealth.

What To Do If You Are Self-Employed – Forbes Magazine

"The solution for healthy self-employed individuals is simple, according to author Paul Zane Pilzer. These folks should buy a high-deductible individual or family policy...

Breaking From The Group

The individual insurance market showed up overnight. If you explain the cost savings to small employers, they immediately stampede for them. This can be...